Shrewsbury Education Foundation

Shrewsbury Education Foundation (SEF) is an all-volunteer organization that raises money to fund grants which put resources and programs directly into the classroom. Annually Shrewsbury Public School teachers write grant applications seeking funding for unique learning experiences and resources that will directly benefit students. Without SEF grants teachers would be unable to purchase the materials needed to deliver these valuable learning experiences due to tight education budgets. 

SEF raises money through events, donations and corporate sponsors. Please help SEF today by attending one of our events or making a donation today. 

SEF Annual Appeal

Did you know that the Shrewsbury Education Foundation has been a part of the fabric of Shrewsbury Public Schools for over twenty years?  Since its 1992 inception, the SEF has awarded over $250,000 in grants to Shrewsbury Public Schools for innovative programs reaching all students from preschool to high school.

Through its all-volunteer effort supported by charitable contributions, the SEF provides grants directly to teachers who create programs for their students.  The SEF fills a gap for Shrewsbury students as these grants allow dedicated educators to create new learning vehicles that are often out of their classroom budget. We work to stimulate, strengthen and support the creation and implementation of educational and enrichment activities that benefit students.  Without the kind generosity of our Shrewsbury friends and neighbors, these programs would not be possible.

For example, one program we’ve granted this year, “Graph Your Story-How Can You Describe Your Motion Using A Graph?” will provide new technology for students to interface with their iPads.  Another program, “Choking Charlie,” will help teach all district second and fourth grade students the Abdominal Thrust Maneuver (formerly known as the Heimlich maneuver).  There were eight other grants funded this year and, with your support, we can continue to fund future grants.

The SEF hosts an annual Awards Recognition Dinner when we present our grants, the John P. Collins Awards of Excellence and the Community Service Award.  Our Trivia Night is now a regular fall fundraiser.  We’ve also had spelling bees, dances, and shopping events.

Please consider making a  tax-deductible** gift to help us ensure that educators have one more tool in their toolbox. To make an online please use our donation button in the top right.

*The SEF is not part of the Shrewsbury Public Schools.  The school department has graciously provided SEF with a mailbox in their office.

**Our not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax ID is: 04-3168554.


Teacher/Staff Gift Option – An Apple for the Teacher!

SEF has the perfect way to recognize and thank our Teachers and Support Staff while contributing to future grants and programs that will benefit our children. 

Your $25.00 purchase of an “In Your Honor” apple will be awarded to your specified Teachers or Support Staff along with a written acknowledgement of the donor.  

Please make your online Apple purchase today! During the PayPal check-out process please be sure to click on the prompt to provide the name of the teacher you wish to honor.

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If you are making a class gift, wish to make a larger donation to SEF, or perfer not to make your purchase/donation online you may us our paper form.

 An Apple for the Teacher 


The SEF website does not retain any of your financial information.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!


To see photos of our 2012 Award Winners and candid photos from our celebration evening, please visit the SEF Facebook Page.